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Navigator's Lounge

Navigator's Lounge

Enjoy a craft cocktail from this lobby bar and relax fireside overlooking panoramic views of the Adirondack waterfront.  Sip your morning coffee or tea in this lobby area, and begin your day overlooking Lake Flower, listening to the loons. Located in the heart of the hotel, Navigator's is the perfect place to gather before dining in Harvest, or share a nightcap before recharging for tomorrow's adventures.


: Monday - Thursday
When: 2 - 4 pm
Where: Navigator’s Lounge
Join us in Navigator’s Lounge for the Afternoon.
Enjoy freshly brewed tea, small sandwiches, and assorted sweet treats.
To reserve your table, please call (518) 619-4000.
$32 per adult, and $16 for children.

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