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Earn Your Membership in the Saranac 6:
Hike Saranac Lake

The Saranac Six is a great way to get outside and into the mountains. Engaging for experienced hikers and accessible for novices, these six peaks offer a range of elevations and terrains: from gently rolling hills to bird-rich wetlands, towering pine forests and steep ascents, the Saranac Six offer the opportunity to challenge yourself and be rewarded with stunning views.

And that’s not the only reward. Hiking the ‘6ers’ earns you a place among the ranks of the region’s most enthusiastic hikers. Tradition dictates that once you’ve completed all six peaks, you’re entitled to ring the 6er bell located on Berkeley Green in downtown Saranac Lake. Be warned though, legend has it that any non-6er who rings the bell will be subject to the Kiwassa Curse… Joining the ranks of the Saranac Six also earns you the right to a Saranac Lake 6er hiking patch, which can be applied for online and adds you to the 6er Member Roster. Hikers can also up the challenge by completing all six peaks in 24 hours (Ultra 6ers) or hike them in the winter months (Dec. 21st – Mar. 21st) to earn the status of a Winter 6er.

Meet the Peaks

McKenzie Mountain, Elevation 3,822’
Located 5 miles from downtown Saranac Lake, McKenzie Mountain is home to the six-mile Jackrabbit Ski Trail, named after Norwegian trailblazer who forged his own backcountry paths through the Tri-Lakes Region in the 1920s. The most popular trek up Mckenzie is a 5.3-mile trail from route 86 that offers challenging terrain and obstacles, including several false summits.

Ampersand Mountain, Elevation 3,353’
Located 8 miles from downtown Saranac Lake, Ampersand Mountain is known for its stunning 360-degree views from its granite summit. This 2.7-mile ascent builds gradually to a steep scramble that takes you above the tree line and into some of the best views in the Adirondacks.

Scarface, Elevation 3,045’
Located just outside downtown Saranac Lake, what Scarface lacks in views it makes up for intrigue. Crossing marshy bird habitats, old railroad trestles, and dense stands of towering pines.

St. Regis Mountain, Elevation 2,874
Since 1918 the fire tower at the top of St. Regis has greeted hikers at its summit. An active fire observation tower until the 1990, the tower was restored in 2015 and is now open to hikers to enjoy stunning views over Upper and Lower St. Regis Lake.

Haystack Mountain, Elevation 2,864
Offering summit views of Whiteface, Mount Marcy, Algoinquin Peak, and the Seward Range, Haystack Mountain is a rewarding peak. The 3.3-mile trail eases along to steeper trails before reaching the summit.

Mount Baker, Elevation 2,452
Situated just one mile from downtown Saranac Lake, Mount Baker is an accessible peak that offers rewarding views of the High Peaks, and Lake Flower. The short trail to the summit is steep but accessible to hikers of all skill level.

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