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10 Nov 2020
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Saranac Waterfront Lodge

WFH at SWL: Saranac Waterfront Lodge Helps You Mix Business With Pleasure

Many professionals would agree that more flexible work-from-home policies are about the only good thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. And even better, for many companies, working from home doesn't have to be done from home. So why not trade home for the stunning setting of Saranac Waterfront Lodge


Set on Lake Flower in New York's Adirondack region, this brand-new hotel is within driving distance for residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. It was built in the time since COVID-19 came to light, meaning cleanliness and safety are in its bones. When you book now to work from Saranac Waterfront Lodge, you can count on peace of mind, because the hotel and its staff are committed to keeping their guests healthy and happy.


In addition to everything you need to work remotely or help kids with virtual schooling, Saranac Waterfront Lodge is a great place to find comfort in these difficult times, whether it's by exploring nature, getting active, discovering new experiences, or simply connecting with others.


Like many of you, we've been staying connected — and filling time — on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here's our take on one social media challenge that will show you why Saranac Waterfront Lodge is a great place for a working getaway.


Start With the Setup


How it started: You get to work and sit all day in your tiny cubicle or office, surrounded by windowless walls or, if you're lucky, looking out over busy highways, strip malls, or generic high-rise buildings.


How it's going: Working from home is great and all, but your workspace leaves a little to be desired. Maybe you're holed up hour after hour in your cluttered private office with a view of the side of your neighbor's house. Maybe you're set up at the dining room table, trying to hold Zoom calls with the TV blaring in the next room and your dog barking at the people walking by. Or maybe you just spend all day figuring out the least uncomfortable way to prop up your laptop while sitting on the sofa.


How it could be: At Saranac Waterfront Lodge, every accommodation has free Wi-Fi and a comfortable desk that's perfect for remote work or school. Lakeside, Premium, and Governor's Suites also offer a separate living area and plenty of extra space for privacy — not to mention spectacular panoramic views of Lake Flower. Gazing out over the serene water and beautiful Adirondack Mountains is bound to inspire creativity and boost productivity.


Time for Lunch


How it started: You run out to the deli next to your office and wait impatiently for your order while answering emails on your phone. When you get back, you eat at your desk, typing between bites — and covering your keyboard in crumbs and grease.


How it's going: The fridge calls, but when you go to scrounge up lunch, the only quick option you find is soggy leftovers. You don't have time before your next meeting to make anything fresh, so you microwave the leftovers and eat them while leaning out of view of your webcam so your co-workers can't watch you chew.


How it could be: There's nothing to eat in your suite, so you're forced to block off an hour so you can go to Saranac Waterfront Lodge's convenient onsite restaurant, the Boathouse. You enjoy a delicious, filling meal of gastropub fare and a refreshing local craft brew (we won't tell your boss!). Your family joins you to regale you with stories of their fun morning exploring the property. Side note: The Boathouse also serves breakfast, a huge upgrade from that prepackaged granola bar in the car or stale muffin at home.


Those Are the (Afternoon) Breaks


How it started: Afternoon break? What afternoon break? Oh, you must mean that 30-second run to the office kitchen for a pick-me-up of lukewarm, disgusting coffee.


How it's going: Can you still call it a break when you spend it doing dishes or starting another load of laundry?


How it could be: Fresh air! In the middle of the day! What a novel concept. At Saranac Waterfront Lodge, it's just steps from your room to the great outdoors. Take a quick stroll to clear your mind and marvel at the amazing Adirondack scenery. Don't have that long? Step out onto your suite's private balcony for just a moment of Zen.


When the Day Is Done


How it started: At 5 p.m., you pack up your things, leave the office, and proceed to get stuck in rush-hour traffic. You end up sitting in your car for the next hour, all the while screaming at the idiot who cut you off and searching hopelessly for a good song on the radio.


How it's going: At 5 p.m., you put your computer to sleep and move from your desk/table/makeshift workspace to your couch. You turn on the TV, maybe answer a few work emails throughout the evening, and wait for bedtime.


How it could be: At 5 p.m., you shut down your computer and let the vacation begin at Saranac Waterfront Lodge! You meet up with your family or travel companions and decide what to do with the rest of your evening. Maybe you exchange stories around the resort's outdoor fire pit. Maybe you visit the indoor pool or cocktail lounge. Or maybe you head to one of the nearby ski slopes for a few runs under the lights.


Weekend Fun


How it started: You always have the best intentions — to try that new restaurant, meet up with friends at that winery, finish that home improvement project you started months ago, or take your children to that museum downtown. Instead, you end up doing the same old thing: chauffeuring the kids to all their sports and activities, grabbing dinner at the neighborhood pizzeria, and hopefully catching the latest blockbuster in the theater.


How it's going: You dream about the pre-pandemic days, when you could go to a party or show. But thanks to health concerns and lockdowns, all you can do is find a new series to binge-watch on Netflix — or, if you have kids, cue up that same Disney/Pixar movie for the millionth time — and spend the entire weekend on the couch.


How it could be: Saranac Waterfront Lodge gives you a whole new way to unwind on the weekend. Let the reception desk help you plan something both unique and relaxing, such as a family guided sensory experience in the forest or a private yoga session for you and your companions. You'll also have access to all the amenities of the property, from the hot tub to the fitness center to the marina.


Are You Ready for an Office in the Adirondacks?


Make the dream a reality at Saranac Waterfront Lodge. The hotel offers an ideal environment for business, combined with an enchanting vacation. Book now to add plenty of pleasure to your workdays!



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