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Saranac Waterfront Lodge
01 Sep 2020
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Saranac Waterfront Lodge

Safety Comes First at Saranac Waterfront Lodge

The past six months have greatly changed the definition of safety and cleanliness, especially in the hospitality industry. Most hotels have been forced to implement more stringent disinfecting procedures for rooms that have already seen thousands of guests, redesign public areas to allow for social distancing, and try to adapt to new guidelines from governments and health experts.
But not Saranac Waterfront Lodge.
The Adirondacks' newest luxury hotel in Saranac Lake, New York - which is set to open in fall 2020 on the shores of Lake Flower - was built from the ground up in the months since COVID-19 became a concern. That means every part of the property was designed with a focus on safety, starting from the moment travelers walk in the door.

Contactless Check-In and Spotless Accommodations

Upon arrival, guests can check in (and, later, check out) using their own mobile phones, never touching the desk or getting close to the clerk. In fact, Saranac Waterfront Lodge's smartphone app also serves as a mobile room key and TV control. Local and hotel information is available through the rooms' entertainment system, eliminating the need for paper fliers touched by guest after guest. Some other accessories, such as private bar items and extra pillows and blankets, have also been removed but are available on request after being properly cleaned.
For everything that is in the room, housekeeping staff members - all wearing face masks and gloves - use thorough sanitizing procedures, paying special attention to high-touch items such as doorknobs, faucets, light switches, tables, and chairs. Each room also comes equipped with a personal supply of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

The Keys to Clean Common Areas

Similarly rigorous sanitizing procedures are used throughout the public spaces of Saranac Waterfront Lounge. Touchless dispensers offer hand sanitizer to guests, and each area is cleaned frequently and meticulously with BIOPROTECTUs. Saranac Waterfront Lodge is one of the first hotels to employ this patented system, which uses a water-based, antimicrobial technology to protect surfaces continuously for up to 90 days.
In addition to cleaning protocols, capacity limits make it easier for guests and staff members to remain a safe distance apart. Those limits are enforced at the pool, fitness center, restaurants, lounges, patios, and even elevators. The newest waterfront hotel in the Adirondacks also offers a wide range of socially distanced activities, from kayaking and fishing on Lake Flower to hiking the beautiful mountain trails.

Mitigating Risks at Meetings and Events

As restrictions on group gatherings begin to ease, Saranac Waterfront Lodge is committed to being a leader in safe events. Not only are event spaces cleaned and sanitized to the same high standards as the rest of the property, but flexible floor plans ensure that attendees can stay physically distanced as well. Hand sanitizing and washing stations, individually wrapped flatware, and individually plated meals (instead of self-serve buffets) offer even more peace of mind for planners and guests.
Meetings, weddings, and other events - like the rest of the property - are staffed by employees who have been extensively trained in safety procedures and are always wearing the necessary protective equipment. Unlike existing hotels that had to adapt during the pandemic and retroactively instruct staff members on new protocols, Saranac Waterfront Lodge gathered an experienced team that was given the appropriate safety and service training from day one.
Book Now With Confidence Despite all the precautions the team is taking at Saranac Waterfront Lodge, today's uncertain circumstances and constantly changing recommendations can make travel plans difficult. That's why the hotel has instituted a flexible cancellation policy, so guests can reserve their stay now without worrying. But thanks to rigorous cleaning protocols, a caring and careful staff, and endless opportunities for socially distanced fun onsite, travelers won't want to miss out on visiting Saranac Waterfront Lodge.
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